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OPTA (Open Platform Taxi Aggregator) CABS

Aims at giving a great solution to both the drivers and the riders by providing multiple options such as 0% trip commission, no surge pricing, options to bid, user driven share, etc.,

Ride Information

Book a ride with us minutes before you need it. Use the app to enter your pick up and drop location and select a cab for the ride of your choice (small, big, or large cab). You can also share your ride. Our share rides algorithm guaranteed that there won’t be any deviation from the scheduled route as the co-rider will be chosen by you.

Price details

Our promise to the riders "charges to the riders will be according to approved government rates", but much less than what the other aggregators charge, and If you are lucky, you might even get a discounted ride!

For Drivers

  • 0% trip commission – you get your entire hard-earned money in your own hand.
  • Refer friends and get paid every month as a token of our gratitude
  • No hidden charges.

For Riders

  • 10-18% extra savings per trip
  • Affordable rides
  • Choose your co-rider if you want to share a your cab
  • No surge prices – that means no 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, or 4.x!
  • No peak hour price hike
  • Options to go for discounted rides and bid


Save your money

OPTA CABS provides only the technology to Drivers and Riders. So rider prices are slashed as there is no operator commission.

No peak prices

OPTA CABS does not have the concept of peak hour charges. Our charges are always remain same.

No surge prices

OPTA CABS never charge surge price. At all conditions prices remain same.

Reach destination safely

OPTA CABS does not put any pressure on drivers in the name of incentives. OPTA drivers will never be in the rush to complete the trip which ensures Riders safety.

No price game

OPTA CABS never charge extra. We don’t charge based on the riders mobile battery level or device model.

Price consistency

Prices will be same for given distance, if there is no delay in reaching the destination.

No cancelation fee

For real OPTA riders we will never charge cancelation fee*

No wasted time

OPTA share model is rider friendly. OPTA guaranteed there is no deviation from the your route.


OPTA - provides optimal solution for taxi aggregation. OPTA provides the best option to earn more with a healthy life style.


Approximate Pricing From
"Silk Board" To "East End" - 5 kilometers

App One App Two OPTA
Rider Bill Amount 113 118 95
Driver Earnings 79 82 95

"Silk Board" To "East End" - 5 kilometers

App One App Two OPTA
Rider Bill Amount 135 140 113
Driver Earnings 100 105 113

"Silk Board" To "East End" - 5 kilometers

App One App Two OPTA
Rider Bill Amount 172 163 120
Driver Earnings 120 114 120

F.A.Q 's

Why should I join OPTA CABS?

0% Commission for trip at any time. Driver takes the full fare. All his hard earned money home without paying unnecessary commissions.

What’s the difference from other Taxi Aggregator services

We don't charge any commission per trip. The driver only pays a montly nominal charge to be able to use our service.

What are the benefits if I join now?

There is a referral program. if you join now you can refer more drivers and OPTA will pay you referral bonuses every month*

If I refer a driver, Do I get any referral bonus?

Yes, we'll pay you every month a percentage of your referrals maintenance fee, so you'll get lifetime referral bonus amount.
1. You should be an active member of OPTA 
2. All of your refred drivers should be active
3. You need to complete a minimum of 10 trips per week

Is there any incentive programes?

No, We don't play with drivers by setting unrealistic targets and incentives from your own money. You work hard and take all your money with you. OPTA doesn't interfere between driver and rider transactions.

Do I need to complete any targets?

NO. You do your duties on your own timings and earn how much you want. All your money is yours.

What do I need to join OPTA CABS?

1. Android 4.0+ and IOS are supported
2. Valid mobile number and email id address
3. Cab certificates 
4. Personal identification certificates.

Why should I join OPTA CABS?

0% trip commission to OPTA. So riders will get cabs for less money. how much will be charged for the trip before booking a the OPTA cab

What’s the difference from other Taxi Aggregator services?

1. No commission at any time. 2. No Surge prices. 3. No peak hours charges. 4. No hidden charges.

What are the benefits if I join now?

You start saving a lot of your money, now.

Do I get any referral bonus?

Yes, from time to time we update/announce bonus programs, we’ll let you know the details to your registered mobile or email.

Is there any referral limit?

No limit, you can refer as much as you want. Based on your referrals, you will get more benefits.Wait to hear about them!

Do I need to load money in e- wallets?

No, OPTA never touches your, or your driver’s money. Pay by cash or to drivers e-wallets directly.

What do I need to join OPTA ?

A supported mobile (phone): Android 4.0 and above or Apple iPhone. Valid mobile number and email id address.

Wait for exciting news soon!

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